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Do you Know These Interesting Facts About Rummy?

· Rummy Facts

Rummy has been one of the most played games in India ever since, and now that it has made its appearance in the online world, the popularity of the game has sky-rocketed. The ease-of-access & global level competition exposure, are behind the day-by-day increasing popularity of the game in the online world. While the rummy variations remain the same even in online rummy, the addition of various new users has made the game much more interesting.

People are now considering playing rummy online as it not only allows them to entertain themselves without the physical presences of someone else, but it is also considered an entertaining way to win real money using your skills. Now that we have talked about the growing presence, do you know there are various things about rummy that most people are unaware of? Here are some of the interesting facts about rummy that we bet you didn’t know.


While rummy has always been a popular game both online and offline considered, the history of the game still remains unknown. People have yet not been able to deduce when was the game originally found. It is believed that by some that the game was found in the 19th century somewhere in Spain whereas some say it originated from French Poker. Other speculations include derivation by Bridge & Pinochle and Mahjong.


The game is often considered as gambling or under the lines of betting while the truth is that it is 100% legal under the Judicial guidelines of India. Rummy is considered to be a “Game of Skills” wherein the winning of an individual is dominated by his/her skills. Thus, the game is considered as legal as per the Indian laws.

Plenty of Variations

The other interesting fact about rummy is the availability of plenty of variations. There are more than 20 variations of the game available across the world with the 13-card rummy game being the most popular variation in India. Some of the rummy variations are Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Canasta, Kalooki, Penang, Three Thirteen etc.

Additional Rummy Facts

  1. It is said that people who play rummy have a great hand and eye co-ordination.
  2. Rummy was enjoyed as a family game during the early times as it requires at least 2 players to play.
  3. There is a record set in the world where an individual won a game by the highest margin of 500 points.
  4. Various stories about rummy are famous, including one mentions Rummy as a game which was played for Rum.
  5. Earlier owning a deck of cards was only a thing for the rich people & hand-made cards were preferred in the society for a long-time.
  6. Rummy is the 3rd most popular game all over the world & it works as a great stress-buster.
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