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13 card Rummy vs 21 card Rummy

· 13 card rummy

Rummy is the one of the most celebrated & played card games all across the globe. Now the thing that is making it more & more popular is the availability of variety of variations. Because of the variety of variations, the game is getting popular worldwide. These variations are also having some sub-variations in it.

The basic fundamentals of the gameplay remains the same but there are a little differences in some aspects of the gameplay. Today we are going to understand the difference between two such sub-variations, namely 13 card Rummy and 21 card Rummy. Now what are that aspects that differentiate 13 card and 21card Rummy ? Let's read it out.

Number of cards dealt in each type of rummy

This point is quite simple to understand as the name itself indicates the difference between the two variants which is the number of cards dealt among the players. In 13 cards Rummy, 13 cards are dealt to each players and in 21 card Rummy, total 21 cards are dealt to each individual player.

Speed of gameplay

The basic objective of Rummy game is to form valid sets and sequences irrespective of the game variant. However, the time required for the formation of sets and sequences depends upon the number of cards players are holding during the gameplay. If the number of cards is more, then the time required to form vaid sets & sequences will more, and vice-versa. So in a nutshell, 13 card Rummy can be completed more quickly in comparison with 21 card Rummy.

Number of decks used for the game

13 card Rummy variant is played with 2 deck of cards whereas 21 card Rummy game variant requires 3 deck of cards as the number of cards are more here. And the addition of one more deck of cards in 21 card Rummy can make the game more tough and challenging. An individual needs to plan more strategies and have to be more focused to win over their opponents since a set of 3 cards are available for one single card.

Pure sequences

In 13 card Rummy variant, you have to form 2 sequences out of which one compulsorily needs to be a pure sequence and other can be an impure sequence. While in 21 card Rummy, you have to form a minimum of 3 pure sequences.

The role of jokers

In both 13 card and 21 card Rummy, the role of joker card is approximately same. A Joker acts as an alternative of any other card in the game and provides ease to form sets and sequences. The only difference is in 21 card Rummy, few cards are of high value and have similar functionality like joker carrying extra points.

Marriage hand

Firstly, marriage hand means a hand which consists of all the value cards. This is something that differentiates 13 card Rummy and 21 card Rummy. The marriage hand is possible only in 21 card game and this is making the game much more different and ruthless.

Online vs offline gameplay

Both the versions 13 card and 21 card Rummy are available online for the users. 13 card Rummy variant is comparatively more faster than 21 card Rummy so most of the times, you will find people playing 13 card Rummy.

Hopefully, after reading this article you might have understood the fundamental difference between 13 card and 21 card Rummy variants. Do give a try to both of these amazing Rummy variants and experience the thrill of the game .

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